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Professor: Elma Porobic

English 1A


What is happening with today's children?!

The main reason I possess chosen this theme is definitely recent topic in the paper: " Several young girls received pregnant on the road trip”. When you see a headline similar to this you start thinking what is happening with today's youngsters. What is the reason behind behaviour such as this?! Wrong child-rearing, influence in the internet, impact of parents or influence of older close friends? Why is present youth performing older than they are really? Are not young adults too young to be overwhelmed by emotions of despair and pessimism? In my opinion, the primary reason for shitty youth behavior in general is usually bad parenting. Lack of participation, bad habits, monetary problems, marital life problems are a few reasons bringing about bad behavior. Could these reasons become the main ones for this behaviour? Lack of engagement with a teenage who will keep pushing aside could be fatal. If you do not know where he will go after college, who is this individual spending time with, who his friends happen to be, could lead to losing your child's trust. Children who have do not have a detailed relationship with a parent are at risk for young pregnancy, very likely to drink alcohol or perhaps smoke cigarettes, and even more likely to live secret existence. If mom and dad are smokers, alcoholics or addicts that also can have an undesirable effect on the youngster. Having financial problems in family can easily result with their child involved in criminal actions. Children are also good imitators, whether good or bad things taking place in marital life. If father and mother in romance support each other that will reflect on a kid on a good way. In the event kids notice that parents are regularly arguing, shouting, calling the other person names or hitting one another, they will probably repeat precisely the same negative behaviours. Since the Internet opens a new of options for fresh generation, although also can become very hazardous. There are so many negative effects of internet upon today's junior. Explicit items and plagiarism,...


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