The Wealth Gap In Hong Kong

Contrasting to the near area, just like Singapore, Hong Kong's Gini coefficient is far more higher and ranked top in the world. Even the wealth distance is certainly not common in western communities, however , it is no doubt that wealth space has endangered the Hk most. While using change of economic mode in Hong Kong, it trend to knowledge-based economy rather than manufacturing sector so that a large number of worker will be unemployed quickly, in the other hand, a lot of high-class people are benefited by new setting economy. Hence the wealth variation has become more severe. As the consequence of, those low-class people are low education and low skill so it is difficult for them to your survival in the current Hk. According to the framework of Hk economy, mainly have 6 industries. Nevertheless , those trading need higher education and skill. Thus it could been appear why there is lot of low-class people has been unemployed. Aside from what i stated earlier, another reason of maximum disparity among rich and poor

九七金融風暴 During 97, there is a inventory crisis

港經濟結構轉型,做成制造業工資增長緩慢或甚至出現負增長的情況 Because of economical mode; change in HK, the manufacturing sector has adverse growth

高技術的專業職位工資增長大幅高於低技術的基層職位 The wage of highly skill member of staff are increasing faster compared to the the low skill workers.

輸入外地勞工進一步打擊低工資、低技術勞工的就業機會 Importing workers overseas producing the local HK people who have low skills have no job

дїёзЁ…дёЌеќ‡з­‰ the inequality of the tax structure

香港人口老化,缺乏全面的退休保障制度 The HASTKRAFTER population can be aging.  There is no complete retirement want to protect the generation.

缺乏貧窮線之設,缺乏指標以制度福利設施 There isn't enough welfare system of HK governement to assist to poor

The very much talked about widening wealth space in Hong Kong has raised the question that touches for the very cardiovascular system of the city's economic plan: What part does the govt have in wealth circulation? Even the the majority of ardent disciples of the guidelines of tiny government, big businesses have got agreed that the worsening monetary injustice, since perceived by an increasing number of people in Hk, can give go up to cultural discontent, which will cannot be ignored by any responsible federal government, big or small. There is no doubt that the Hong Kong government is usually well aware in the situation. Indeed, the Hong Kong government, over the past many years, has done quite a lot in addressing the problem, albeit indirectly through real estate subsidies, inexpensive medical assistance and different welfare rewards to the many needy. Because the wealth gap continue to be widen, the call for more direct government treatment is getting even louder. But other than moral marketing, there is little the government can do in achieving an even more even circulation of riches in Hk. In the circumstance of the leading economic theory of a free of charge market environment, the room pertaining to direct intervention is extremely limited. In many produced economies, the problems arising from a widening of the wealth difference between the rich and poor can be addressed, to some extent at least, through fiscal guidelines. But making any material changes to Hong Kong's long-cherished low and simple tax program could risk undermining international and domestic investors' self confidence in the government's commitment to preserving the particular fabric of the market-oriented economic system. With the income tax burden falling about no more than 20% of the functioning population, virtually any discussion of demanding the abundant to subsidize the poor appears rather useless. The government performed on quite a few occasions raise the rates of corporate and salary income taxes to cover budgetary shortfalls in economic down-cycles. It was constantly understood that such modifications were nothing more than short-term financial fine-tuning that could be reversed when the economic tide began to switch. There is, of course , the good argument for the government to widen the tax base. New options for revenue are needed to financial the improvement and expansion of public welfare programs, mostly medical providers, to...


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