Two authors who come quickly to my mind when I hear or observe images of American patriotism will be John Steinbeck and Seeker S. Thompson. As diverse as these two men will be, their articles are similar for the reason that the American Dream constantly fails their characters. Both seek to specify America plus the American Fantasy, however , this remains seemingly elusive, and both authors fail to find it. I choose Steinbeck and Thompson because, in my experience, their writing styles are the same. They have similar lust to get language and powerful writing. Their themes are contemporary; they are not really moral or perhaps upright, tend to be average people. Both view the world inside the same unfortunate way, that individuals are since easily resulted in beauty since deceit, happiness to misery, woe, anguish and existence to loss of life. There are certain facts in their composing that is not expressed elsewhere; implications that we may not always prefer to believe exist. I as well choose Steinbeck and Thompson in that they are representative of the twentieth 100 years. Steinbeck efficiently covers the first half more or less, and Thompson through the sixties to present. Both writers have also experienced a number of failures. Steinbeck continues to be called expressive, overdrawn, uninteresting and grossly contrived. Although this may be the case, for example , the killing of Candy's dog as a metaphor for the killing of Lenny in Of Rodents and Males. Steinbeck received attention following Tortilla Houses was posted. Since then, this individual has become probably the most popular authors of the twentieth century and won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 62. Thompson, that has been named names less polite, remains a dynamic force in modern American writing, as they broke standard rules of writing and journalism. Thompson, who flunked out of Columbia, also worked hard before getting fame to get Hell's Angels. His reputation continues today with his popularity of followers. Rather interesting is that equally men are alcoholics. One among Steinbeck's previous books can be Travels With Charley in which the old man great...


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