They hung them on meat hooks. The prisoners lay shackled inside their cells expecting the inevitable. They spent their last hours about what they known as " your house of the useless, ” a building that sat next to the Plotzensee execution step. 1 The guards came to hear the criminals and led eight of those at a time throughout a clear courtyard to their demise. The chamber was small , gray and reeked of death. Just a few several weeks before, that housed the infamous Fascista guillotine which in turn took the lives of 188 people. The supplice was no even more. In its place installed a large steel beam with eight hooks attached to this. The criminals were aligned shoulder to shoulder. These were not allowed last words. A few wept while some remained quiet. They were certainly not hung at the same time. Instead these were forced to view and hang on as one simply by one a new noose made of butcher line, a thin, well-defined cord that cut in to the flesh, twisted around all their neck. The first hostage was hoisted onto the meat connect and left to hang. It had been not a speedy death. His neck did not snap. Having been suffocating while the cable ripped in the flesh of his neck. His struggling only made it worse. The other seven captives could only stand and watch knowing their time was coming. They men executed at Plotzensee Prison were the resisters behind the July twenty Plot. Once highly decorated officers inside the upper echelons of the Fascista regime, they now paid the best price for his or her attempt to defeat Adolf Hitler and repair Germany. Many know about the brave men involved in the tried assassination and the coup in Berlin but few know about the rebellion in Paris. For three hours, the German level of resistance held Paris, france in its control without shooting a single shot. General Stulpnagel and Colonels Hofacker and Boineburg got the capital inspite of the failure in Berlin. Almost no is known regarding these men as well as the events they set in motion within the night of This summer 20 1944 but what is known is that they incredibly nearly succeeded in overthrowing the Nazi regime....


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