Eddie Xu

Teacher Carl Schlachte


October five, 2012

How Does Technology Advancement Affect Our Era?

Over the last a decade, technology has advanced greatly. As a result, individuals are able to speak better and easier than previously. Emails and social networks present instant chat across the world in form of text without physical interaction. Video chats just like Oovoo and Skype enable people to talk and see face-to-face, advancing connection to a higher level. But at the same time, it delivers negative effects for the society. Consist of word, technology advancement offered a negative effect in my generation and my own understanding of existence because interaction through technology isolated persons from one another and weakens their cultural and accord skills. Internet was created in the 1960s by United States authorities for armed forces purposes, nonetheless it became , the burkha method for people to communicate with. Relating to Wikipedia, nearly one-third of the world's population applied the internet in 2011. This demonstrated that a lot of people used the world wide web to communicate. But concurrently, excessive time communicating by way of Internet rather than face to face interaction results absence of social and empathy abilities, causing the neural path to expand weaker. Whilst it connects various people around the world, it leads to many problems and issues. One of the problems about on the web communication can be miscommunication. By using online communication, people did start to have difficulties interpreting the particular communication imply through the kind of writing. As online interaction does not include facial movement, emotions, and gestures, it is difficult to distinguish whether it just a typical conversation or intensive disagreement. This remarked that with difficulty to interpreting the meaning in the communication, people in our technology have started to become like " robot”. They become a being that does not understand emotion and cosmetic...


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