It was incredibly tough to view the images in the online video by James Allen. The raw brutality and pure evil and pain could be felt throughout the postcards. It absolutely was one of the most unsettling set of photographs I have ever had to see. It is hard for me to comprehend that a lot of people could be filled up with that much hate. It was not simply the graphicness of the lynchings that were unsettling, it was the pure seem of apathy on the encounters of the white men, women and sometimes even kids surrounding the hanged human body. It is awful and almost impossible to think that the is a a part of our earlier as a region. I knew the particular atrocities happened, but I had not seen them. It might be a trite term, but " a picture may be worth a thousand words”. One can learn about lynchings in history books, works or diaries like the one by Solomon Northup, but one particular cannot possibly get an idea of what was like till they get a photograph of computer. As horrible as the lynchings were, as they are an element of our record, I believe that individuals need to see these pictures. We can only hope that people will never go back back to the animalistic state that we were in during that period. These images relate to the essay by simply Eula Biss, " Time and Distance Overcome” not just because Biss talks about lynchings in her composition; that has not been the main topic. Biss detects a parallel between African-Americans and polluting of the environment of innocent things. Lynchings occurred in forest and links before telephone poles were invented and erected. The phone poles are not welcome when they were first introduced to the public. People brutalized them devoid of punishment. Even when laws were created so that you can prevent this kind of, people even now attacked the innocent cell phone poles. African-Americans were not meet and they were attacked completely. Even following laws had been created to stop these horrific acts from happening, people continued to kill and brutalize the African-Americans. Biss' ability to find deep, significant connections not only...


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