Nicholas Pacifico

SUNY Ulster 081

Cause and Effect

18 November 2013

Wars will be greatly effects the countries involved probably the world. The war that immensely afflicted the world and America after the 1920s was World War ll. America was not included from the beginning from the war, yet a few activities caused the U. H. to join the war hard work against the axis powers. Some causes had been Nazi out and out aggression and the bombing of Pearl Harbor; the result of this war significantly impacted America in more techniques than one particular.

There are a few causes that resulted in the American involvement inside the global warfare. One trigger was while the U. S. was a neutral country, Nazi aggression frightened many Americans. So , in September of 1940, President Roosevelt offered The uk help. Roosevelt traded forty five old destroyers to Great britain in return for armed forces bases in the Western Hemisphere. The easy success for Roosevelt's third president run motivated him to enhance for higher American involvement in the war. In January 1941, Roosevelt decided to present war supplies to England without anything in return. Our elected representatives later approved the Lend-Lease Act in March 1941. This offered the President the power to assist any country whose security he presumed was essential to American security (Cayton). This action further involved our land to become a element of the battle. Although this wasn't a significant cause for what reason the U. S. was involved in the warfare, these actions eventually led to U. H. involvement inside the war.

A direct cause why America signed up with World Conflict ll was due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On January seventh, 1941, a little after seven o'clock, the Japanese led an airstrike on the U. S. military base. Even though the Japanese were taking over the Pacific islands, the only thing that may stop them was the remarkable American navy. So , they decided the very best would be to eliminate the American fleet. By simply 9: 45, the attack was more than leaving a couple of, 400 Americans dead, and nearly one particular, 200 injured. Three hundred warfare planes had been damaged, and eighteen...


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