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Unit six Lab 1

Unit six Lab 1

Safety Program, Regulations/specifications and emergency prepare. First thing in all of the construction is known as a hard head wear, steel toed boots, eye protection and cell phone with 911 on speed dial. You should also dress appropriately, Long pants (jeans are difficult enough pertaining to construction), clean T-shirt, socks and have safety gloves handy. Whenever using ladders make sure you know the regulations on how to set it up. A straight step ladder of 20' should be 5' away from the composition at the bottom for safety. Retain all your equipment clean and orderly as you may want a mysterious substance to get on the cable or connections. No food or drink needs to be in the place but a water cooler is good to acquire nearby. Be careful about your location and stay out of others way as they should stay out of yours. Help other folks if they will ask for that but perform what you find out and don't make an effort to wing it. That will usually cause problems as time goes on. I could list all the restrictions and that will look good but are there to hold you secure. They are also presently there to make sure every thing works and is safe from items like fire or failure down the road. Always use a similar type cable television, be it fiber or anything else. Except in the HVAC/Plenum place where you have to use Plenum wire. Regulations in a few localities require the use of Plenum cable in other areas thus be aware of the regulations where you are working. Stick to the specifications of the particular work they have been put there to get a reason. For those who have suggestions, take them to your manager and then get back to work. Remember at all times that you stand for the company you work for, even if it's your own and wish to make a good impression. Events come in all kinds, chemical coverage, injury or perhaps fire. Initial thing to constantly do can be call 911. Injuries could be anything through the misuse of tools which will get fiber in your skin. Usually know in which and the actual procedure at your particular task site is infront...


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