AP Macroeconomics Summer Browsing Assignment

Cheryl Whigham

Buford High School

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Read Naked Economics: Undressing the Disappointing Science, by simply Charles Wheeland (2010). http://www.amazon.com/Naked-Economics-Undressing-Science-Revised/dp/0393337642 Assignment: While reading Naked Economics, answer the discussion questions below. You in order to number the answers and use finish sentences.

Conversation Questions:

Phase 1: The Power of Markets

1 ) What are the two basic presumptions that economists make regarding individuals and firms? installment payments on your What is the role and significance of prices in the market economic climate? Chapter a couple of: Incentives Matter

3. So why do bonuses matter?

four. What do you think about the author's ideas in black rhino conservation? your five. Explain what perverse incentives are and present examples coming from a high university student's your life. Chapter three or more: Government and the Economy

6. In your own phrases, explain this is of an externality. 7. Make clear the function of government in a market economic climate.

Chapter 5: Government and the Economy 2

8. Give some particular examples of federal government involvement in a market overall economy 9. Make clear the concept of the governments " grabbing palm. ” Part 5: Economics of Information

twelve. Explain the author's long term solution to " gender elegance. ” Do you agree with him? 11. Go over adverse variety, as it relates to this chapter Chapter 6th: Productivity and Human Capital

12. Mcdougal discusses the symptom of becoming poor, as well as the illness to be poor. What really does the author suggest? Do you believe him? Make clear.

13. Precisely what is so important about Human Capital?

Chapter 7: Financial Marketplaces

14. What does the efficient marketplace theory have to do with economic markets? Make clear the positives and negatives of the theory.

15. Precisely what is the endroit flipping test, as it relates to investment diversity? Explain. Part 8: The Power of Organized Passions

16. Clarify why the federal government pays subsidies to mohair farmers. 18. What...


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