In Willa Cather's, My own Antonia, the Nebraska alpage is a motor vehicle for chance and competitors. Jim Burden and Antonia Shimerda's lives are direct rejeton of this duplicity that inhabits the alpage, and decisively creates the distinction between your two close friends. Although only some miles segregated Jim from Antonia, the landscape of the United States made both the strangers.

The Nebraska alpage may have been the only medium by which Jim may have ever fulfilled Antonia. Jim's character presents all that Antonia's lacks. Their particular similarity is that both are journeying through international lands to start out a new your life. The difference is the fact Jim's ticketed is paid for. From the beginning from the novel Willa Cather sets up a clear difference between the statuses of John and Antonia. Antonia can be an zugezogener and talks an limited amount of English. This isolates her and her family in the new life they're looking to establish. Sean is a citizen and is moving out to a property that has been structured on his grandparents. The Shimerda's have been uprooted from their homeland to start a new existence from the beginning. Jim originated in a successful farm in Virginia, as the Shimerdas came from an persistent life in Bohemia. T. T. a couple of

The expansive plains of Nebraska was instrumental in bringing together these polar classes in that that deposited both families hand and hand.

Land in My Antonia, can be associated with power. On the coach to Black Hawk, the conuctor makes reference to a friends and family from " over the water" traveling to a similar destination since Jim. His companion, John, said " you were likely to receive diseases via foreigners" (10). This guide directly means that the Shimerdas are indecent, and not of the identical caste since Jim; a north american citizen. The phrase, " over the water" is another way of claiming, " certainly not from our soil" or " not an American". This polorizes natives via foriegners, and puts a stigma upon immigrants as being irregular.

The Burdens have been instituited...


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