Subject # 1: useless leaves

Wow there are many leaves falling straight down because they are destroyed imagine in the event that that is the leaves that are slipping from the trees and shrubs, when the leaves all fall from the same tree the tree may die. That is why we need to drinking water the trees and shrubs and other tree growing related stuff.

Subject matter #2: Piatos, Nova, or perhaps other snacks wrappers

Piatosis yummy thus we may care if it's not rare to see a piatos cover/wrapper inside the trash can. But we do attention when they throw these within the ground… somewhat. Anyway you get our point the ugly when folks throw these on the ground.

Subject #3: candies wrappers and one cookie wrapper

Candy wrappers and one cookie wrapper! It's not us I can't say for sure who so don't inquire me. Anyway I am guessing the fact that yellow you are the candy that are referred to as Yema. Biscuits are probably the most enjoyed snack in the school by simply kids or by teenager but occasionally some teachers and principals eat biscuits too nevertheless kids are generally the ones who eat this that maybe the reason why many biscuits are spread in the institution.

Subject #4: dead forest

If you can compare the two of these pictures precisely what are the difference? The first photo to the left contains a dead woods at the additional picture have many trees which have been living. Should you glimpse the pictures the right one looks better while the various other looks like nothing but a plain shrub that has not any leaves.

Subject #5: cups

Cups in DC it can be common because the cafeteria sells coke and water inside cups. Although we haven't seen any cups which can be scattered only few. This cup posseses an owner that is certainly really secretive really under the tree incredible.

Subject #6: destruction of paints or perhaps vandalism

All of us don't know who but we know how. Could be the large schooler or perhaps kids these travel at the second floors of the Laubach Hall. I think ugly we can say that is why we have to prevent this kind of vandalism or destruction of paints/property.

Subject #7: load of dirt

It looks like manure but it won't anyway all of us don't know if it is...


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