Mass Wasting Laboratory

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 Mass Wasting Lab Composition


Mass Throwing away Lab


GEY 111


My objective for this lab was to take several soil samples and recreate mass spending with the various samples. This permits me to raised understand how mass wasting performs in our environment. I preformed this research laboratory by pouring samples onto trays and tilted the trays to recreate a landslide. My spouse and i kept remarks and created tables for every single step of my test. The results from my experiment was that saturated samples keep together better and also require more of a incline in order to get them sliding. Supplies

Plastic material wrap


Tap water

Paper towels

Cardboard plastic trays

Clay garden soil sample

Crushed stone sample

Gravel sample

Potting soil sample

Home soil test

100 cubic centimeters beaker

3 cardboard plastic trays

5 plastic cups


Masking recording (labels)


The first thing I had was collect all of my personal required supplies, which are in the above list. I then started to pour my samples one-by-one into the 100 mL beaker and then poured the 75 mL of each sample into its labeled glass. Make sure to take out all of the previous sample in the beaker just before adding home. The next step was to set up my personal three cardboard boxes trays which can be wrapped in plastic encapsulate. I set two trays flat on the table and the third one upside down on top of the other two trays forming a little link. I then slowly started to serve my first sample onto the center from the top dish. Once all of the sample is usually on the rack I seen the shape of the pile and recorded it into my own table. I then measured the angle of the pile with my protractor. After getting my position recorded on my table We collected the sample and returned that to it is proper glass. I then repeated this series for every sample. Then next thing was to again take your first sample and slowly pour that onto the center of the leading tray. When the entire sample is for the tray select a side and slowly learn to tilt the most notable tray. When I noticed activity in the test I ended help the rack and employed my protractor to gauge the angle from the slanted rack. I likewise recorded what movement I could see at that particular degree of tilt. After documenting I bent the rack some more until the samples shifted some more. Once again I stopped recorded the angle of the tray and recorded what I saw. Then i tilted the tray until the entire sample slid off of the edge. Again I noted the perspective at which this occurred and recorded every one of my data on stand 1 . Repeat these steps for each and every sample. The 3rd step was going to saturate every sample with tap water. When I condensed the trials I protected to opening of the glass with me and poured out each of the excess normal water. I then slowly and gradually poured my own first test on the top tray but slender time not really in the middle a lot more like a third from the way from your edge. And again I actually slowly did start to tilt the tray up wards. Once I could see movement I stopped tested the angle of the tray and documented what I observed. I then began to lift the tray once again and once I saw the over loaded sample push again We measured the angle in the tray and recorded what I saw. Then i tilted the tray right up until all the test had slid off the advantage of off. Again I actually measured the angle when this occurred and documented what is saw. Repeat these steps for all trials. Data

Stand 1 . Dry out sediment angle of repose

Sediment brand

Average feed size or perhaps range of sizes

Average angle of repose of heap

(in degrees)

Information of loose pile of sediment

(does that stay in a pleasant cone, or run out to a flat load? )



45 degrees

Good cone remains together

Yellow sand


30 degrees

Forms nice cone



25 levels

Sloppy pile scattered



twenty degrees

Large base short cone



25 degrees

Wide base cone

Table installment payments on your Dry sediment mass wasting observations

Yeast sediment name

Perspective of dish at initial motion or function (when conditions change) Explanation of preliminary motion

Position of tray at future motion or event

Explanation of following motion...

Referrals: Plummer, Carlson, Hammersley (2013). Physical Geology (14th impotence. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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Mass Losing Lab
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