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1 . B. The cellular techniques that are going to become affected in the event that Joseph's center has ended; each cellular continued working, using up it is ATP supply. Carbon dioxide amounts inside the cellular material will climb and the pH will begin to drop, the mitochondria have no even more oxygen and glucose to make ATP. The cells started to die. The cells turn into leaky, since the active transport pump shuts down. Sodium began leaking into the cells and potassium leaked out out. The chemical gradient diminish, the heart convulsed in an out of control spasm of arrhythmic electric powered activity. The membrane features that will be affected are, the active travel pump can shut down the plasma walls of the cardiovascular. 2 . C. Every intracellular organelle has membranes which have been included in the structure. The possible lack of ATPases got stopped shifting calcium in the cytosol into the ER in the cardiac muscle tissue. Lysosomal nutrients began to process the sang membrane and membranes from the organelles. Without having a membrane layer will cause the intracellular calcium supplement levels climb, and cause proteases to spill in to the interior in the cell targeting the cytosol. 3. D. Joseph's proneness for vascular disease is at the, GENETICS. The guidance his human body needs to restoration itself, would be in the mRNA, which directs the activity of specific proteins that will aid in fixing the body. some. E. The kind of proteins in the cell membrane layer that were involved in the homeostatic imbalances of his heart cells were ATPases, and ATP. The lack of ATP affected the membrane sends, and ATPases had ended moving calcium supplement from the cytosol into the endoplasmic reticulum of his heart cells. five. F. It was important to reestablish oxygen stream to Joseph's body because oxygen is essential by cells to produce ATP. The processes that might be affected by this may be multiple cell processes, including mitosis, and homeostasis. 6. H. Joseph's heart failed because, his cardiac muscle mass cells fought to survive brought on by the vascular...


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