Iraq s Violation of girls s Rights

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 Iraq s Violation of ladies s Privileges Essay

" The struggle for women's rights,  and the task of creating a new United Nations,  able to promote peace and the values which nurture and sustain it,  are one and the same.  Today ­ more than ever ­ the cause of women is the cause of all humankind. " ​

В­SecretaryВ GeneralВ BoutrosВ BoutrosВ­GhaliВ

IraqВ continuesВ toВ showВ discriminationВ againstВ women'sВ rightsВ andВ genderВ biasВ byВ creatingВ aВ billВ thatВ wouldВ lowerВ theВ ageВ ofВ marriageВ forВ girlsВ fromВ ageВ thirteenВ toВ ageВ nine. В TheyВ haveВ alsoВ loweredВ theВ ageВ ofВ marriageВ forВ boysВ toВ 20. В TheВ newВ billВ isВ calledВ theВ JaafariВ PersonalВ StatusВ Law. В ItВ allowsВ menВ toВ easilyВ haveВ multipleВ wivesВ andВ therebyВ furtherВ theВ subjugationВ ofВ women. В В

FoundedВ byВ ImamВ JaafarВ alВ­Sadiq, В theВ JaafariВ PersonalВ StatusВ LawВ isВ basedВ onВ theВ

principles of the Jaafari school of the Shia religion.  Despite the efforts of activists and protesters,  the bill was approved by the Council of Ministers on February twenty-five,  2014.  It must now be approved by the parliament to become law:   The draft law would cover Iraq's Shia citizens and residents,  a majority of the population of 36 , 000, 000.  It includes ​

provisionsВ thatВ prohibitВ MuslimВ menВ fromВ

marryingВ nonВ­Muslims, В legalizesВ maritalВ rapeВ byВ statingВ thatВ aВ husbandВ isВ entitledВ toВ haveВ sexВ withВ hisВ wifeВ regardlessВ ofВ herВ consent, В andВ preventsВ womenВ fromВ leavingВ theВ houseВ withoutВ permissionВ fromВ theirВ partners. В TheВ lawВ wouldВ automaticallyВ grantВ custodyВ overВ anyВ childВ age В twoВ orВ olderВ toВ theВ fatherВ inВ divorceВ cases, В lowerВ theВ marriageВ ageВ toВ nineВ forВ girlsВ andВ fifteenВ forВ boys, В andВ evenВ allowВ girlsВ youngerВ thanВ nineВ toВ beВ marriedВ withВ aВ parent'sВ approval. В (Benson)В

Iraq'sВ currentВ personalВ statusВ lawВ thatВ wasВ establishedВ inВ 1959В isВ consideredВ toВ beВ theВ mostВ protectiveВ ofВ women'sВ rightsВ outВ ofВ allВ theВ MiddleВ EasternВ countries: В

ItВ stipulatesВ theВ following: В theВ legalВ ageВ of В marriageВ forВ bothВ menВ andВ womenВ isВ 18НѕВ polygamyВ isВ prohibitedВ andВ takingВ aВ secondВ wifeВ isВ extremelyВ restrictedНѕВ aВ MuslimВ maleВ isВ allowedВ to В marryВ aВ nonВ­MuslimВ femaleВ withoutВ conditionsВ orВ restrictionsНѕВ andВ aВ womanВ canВ disobeyВ herВ husbandВ ifВ heВ behavesВ tyrannicallyВ andВ harmsВ herВ byВ failingВ toВ provideВ adequateВ housingВ orВ careВ shouldВ sheВ fallВ ill. В (Zangana)В

ThisВ newВ draftВ wouldВ treatВ womenВ andВ girlsВ asВ inferiorsВ andВ slavesВ withВ noВ rights. В ItВ

also violates several guidelines set by the United Nations that were approved by the Iraqi authorities.  The ​

ConventionВ onВ theВ EliminationВ ofВ AllВ FormsВ ofВ DiscriminationВ againstВ WomenВ (CEDAW)В isВ anВ internationalВ billВ ofВ rightsВ forВ women. В ItВ promotesВ genderВ equalityВ andВ putsВ anВ endВ toВ sexВ­basedВ discrimination. В The ​ Conference В onВ RightsВ ofВ theВ

Child (CRC) protects any child under the age of eighteen to have the right to express their opinions and to have their opinions heard.  It also states that children should be protected from abuse or ​

exploitation and to  have their ​

privacyВ protected. В TheВ

DeclarationВ onВ theВ EliminationВ ofВ ViolenceВ againstВ WomenВ protectsВ aВ woman'sВ rightВ toВ liveВ freeВ fromВ violence: В В


Any distinction,  exclusion or restriction made on the  basis of sex which has the effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying the identification,  enjoyment or exercise  by ladies,  irrespective of their marital position,  on a basis of equality of men and women​

, В ofВ humanВ rightsВ andВ fundamentalВ freedomsВ inВ theВ politics, В monetary, В interpersonal, В cultural, В civilВ orВ anyВ otherВ field. В


ThisВ newВ lawВ wouldВ representВ crimesВ againstВ humanityВ andВ the child years. В ItВ

wouldВ alsoВ causeВ detrimentalВ physicalВ and В psychologicalВ sufferingВ toВ youngВ girlsВ suchВ asВ prematureВ...

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Iraq s i9000 Violation of girls s
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