Inventory Audit Circuit Irregularities

It is important that Apollo Shoes' does anything to protect it is inventory by fraud and abuse. For this company, knowing how to manage products on hand is crucial and implementing a method which stops fraud needs to be at the top of the list. Products on hand fraud can occur in many different methods. Inventory may be misappropriated simply by employees in many ways. It might range from taking trash bags from the supply closet to stealing a large number of dollars' well worth of products on hand home to resale. Below non-cash misappropriation of touchable asset you will find five groups: Misuse

Unconcealed larceny,

Asset requisitions and moves,

Purchasing and receiving strategies

Bogus shipments. (Wells, 2005)

The very first is the wrong use of inventory, where a staff takes the inventory for private use. The second reason is unconcealed larceny scheme; an individual can walk out without even trying to cover the theft up. The next is property requisitions and transfer scheme, an employee overstates the amount of products or products, faking a project, and falsify property copy forms to conceal theft. The fourth is definitely purchasing and receiving schemes; in which the perpetrator works with the acquiring or warehouse function is going to steal a percentage of the newly arriving shipment. The five, phony shipments of inventory, this individual usually is going to prepare a bogus packing fall and will authorize shipment being delivered to a certain drop stage. A false sale slip will be created to support the shipped products on hand and the received inventory gets written away. These are only to mention several of the possible ripoffs committed with inventory. Inside Controls

The st hypostatic procedures to work with to detect fraud can be through creating internal settings to detect irregularities in inventory amounts. A physical count number of products on hand is designated, sent pertaining to approval for the inventory director to signal off upon, and inputted into an inventory tracking program. This makes three...



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