Travel and leisure is a number of activities, solutions and industrial sectors that delivers a travelling experience, which includes transportation, places to stay, eating and drinking institutions, retail retailers, entertainment businesses, activity features and other food services presented to individuals or groups traveling away from home. The earth Tourism Organization (WTO) statements that travel and leisure is currently the worlds most significant industry with annual profits of over $3 trillion dollars. The sum in the phenomena and relationships arising from the connection of vacationers, business suppliers, host governments and host communities along the way of attracting and hosting these tourists and other site visitors.

Nepal is known as a small although very amazing country. Tourism can be very crucial industry pertaining to our country. It has the greatest mountain, Mt. Everest, the ever going Himalayan streams, glaciers, large lakes, green valleys, and wonderful water declines, the national parks inside the Terai and Himalayan selection are all the attractions for tourists. Lumbini, the beginning place of Gautam Buddha, can be next appeal. These all organic resources will very likely be highly important for our tourist industry. The tourists of different sorts will come to Nepal. Some will comes to see the all-natural resources, a lot of to study its historical and religious places.

It needs a lot of money to set up different industries. Nevertheless our organic beauty can be the capital pertaining to tourism. We can get many indirect and direct advantages from tourism. To start with, we can begin hotels. We are able to sell the goods. Actually farmers could possibly get chance to market their farming products.

However , some travelers may possess criminal mother nature and devote crime any time. They may have an effect on our traditional culture. For people all, the safety system must be strict and that we should be very much careful.

It is important because it create many possibility to our people that live in city places where you will find no good road or no street. If...


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