Along with the elevating popular of mining job, more and more people invested in producing natural stone crusher equipment for exploration process. With the development of mining machinery industry, there are many sorts of mining equipment in the market, have you any idea how amount types of magnetic separator there are?

Everybody knows that The Magnet Separator is suitable for wet permanent magnet separation of materials less than 3mm such as magnetite, calcined ore, etc . and it can eliminate the iron inside the coal, nonmetal and structure industries.

And Magnetic cooking can be split up into reduction cooking, neutral roasting and oxidizing roasting in line with the principle. Studies have shown the fact that particle size has significant effect on the magnetic houses. The magnetic susceptibility reduces with the particle size. Nevertheless , the coercivity value improves with lessens of particle size.

Their magnetic product is a ring-shape chain sealed magnetic outlet with energizing coils made of copper pipe and cooled down internally by water. Grooved plates created from magnetic conductive stainless steel are used as permanent magnet matrix.

While using in-depth advancement the research operate of the household and foreign high-performance everlasting magnet supplies, the industrialization of the magnetic separator and the constant marketing the upgrading and improvement of the magnetic system and the body structure of traditional permanent magnet separator accelerate the process the fact that permanent magnetic parting equipment slowly but surely replace the electromagnetic magnetic separator.

We all also definitely used the brand new high and permanent magnet material (NdFeB) to increase the amount of poles. The additional poles and compound permanent magnet field additional enhanced the performance of permanent magnetic separator, matured and expended the ranges of applications, especially in the process of magnetite beneficiation.

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