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Carefully evaluate Likert's Participative Management design and Blake and Mouton's Grid, releasing why both the were key aspects of a persons Relations approach


Likert outlined several systems of management to describe the relationship, engagement and tasks of managers and subordinates in commercial settings. The management systems he discussed include Exploitative Authoritative, Charitable Authoritative, Consultative System and Participative program. The supervision systems described is briefly explained as follows; Exploitative authoritative: In this program, managers often use threats, fear and punishment to motivate their very own workers. Managers at the top of the hierarchy generate all the decisions and inspiration is seen as a threats. Charitable authoritative: Beneath this system, determination is based on the potential for punishment and partially upon rewards. The decision making area is widened by allowing for the lower level employees to be involved in coverage making although major policy decisions happen to be left to the people at the top, that have some understanding of the problems that occur at the lower levels. Consultative program: This theory is very nearby the human relations theory. Determination of personnel is obtained through advantages, occasional punishments, and very very little involvement in decision making and goals. Participative system: Likert argued that this was the most effective form of management. The system stimulates genuine involvement in decision making and setting goals through free-flowing side to side communication and tapping into the creativity and skills of workers. Intensive research executed as early as the 1950s and 1960s indicated that participative managing is particularly suitable to science-based organizations in whose key staff are noted for their creativity, intrinsic inspiration for job...

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