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The nature of a discovery could be confronting in ways that are reluctant. The discovery that the passports and cell phones of the members are being taken away has a shocked feeling towards Raye which is stated through middle section close up camera shot. The natural lighting of the shut room signifies the rawness of her discovery which is foreshadowing the confronting discoveries of the future. A discovery may occur because of deliberate preparing. The use of mise en landscape where the participants' phones and passports are taken away emphases how the narrator is leading the participants on a journey. This is suggested by the raised narrator of Dr David Corlet who is standing on a raises surface conveying his power above the participants. An emotional finding may involve the effects of earlier experiences. The neutral mid-range shot of Raye because she finds that the baby of a earlier refugee passed away because of lack of money to buy medicine implies that the psychological effects of a discovery may be emerged via past experience. This is coupled with soft non diegetic sombre toned music to enhance the heartbroken thoughts of Raye as the lady too has problems conceiving a young child. A rediscovery might cause individuals to feel traumatised. The gentle non diegetic sombre music is combined with a natural shot to highlight the rawness of Wassmi's feelings to water when he has post traumatic distress order and is also afraid of water. The view of drinking water brings back memories of the fishing boat disaster to get him. The emotional ramifications of a breakthrough could include feeling shocked. The mid-range close up taken of Roderick and Barati is combined with soft " cadence " non diegetic music as Roderick finds that in Barati ‘s political group three hundred everyone was killed for being in resistance. The use of mise en landscape of the espresso cups portrays the everyday conversion which can be juxtaposed up against the seriousness in the conversion. The emotional...


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