Honor Thy Children Publication Report

Hartnell College

Psychology-15 (Human Sexuality)

March twenty four, 2013

Prize Thy Kids

Overall the book Reverance Thy Children by Molly Fumia was great. There was points in this book that just tugged at my heart. For example when the Nakatani's discovered that their very own middle boy Greg was shot and killed. There have been also factors in this book that I felt if I had been in their location, I would take a great deal of pain and agony and would not know how to sort out all that acquired happened. I believed that Al and Anne were courageous parents to endure the deaths of their three daughters. This book probably was the most interesting nonfiction book I have read. This book would push the center of anyone that examine it. The best thing about this publication by far can be how the parents have persevered throughout these events that has happened with their family. Through the running away of Glen, the homicide of their son Greg, the finding out that their sons Glen and Guy had been gay and the contraction of HIV, as well as the death of which. They had to obtain heavy hearts after all with this happened, and yet they still go through all the HIV promotioning to show us how risky this disease is. A thing I did not like about this book is that there were very little happy items that took place to this family. I likewise thought that it was hard to keep track of the Nakatani's children because all of their names were therefore similar. If I were to quality this book, I would personally give it a great A++ as this is a very very good book and shows that humans have the will to push through any hurdle. Even though they have gone through all of that God would not give them a break and show all of them mercy. Inspite of their hard troubles, they pushed through all the sadness and lose hope and converted it about to help other people not make the same faults as them. This could definitely be a book I would recommend to people because there are very good lifestyle lessons in it. For example, there is a limit to strict...

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