1 ) Discuss the racial structure (racial groups) of colonial time Latin America

In order to discuss the ethnic composition of Colonial Latina America, we need to first examine the three cultures that were present when the Europeans reached Latina America. Three civilizations present were: Mayans, Aztecs and Incans which could be considered indigenous Indians. The people of Latin America can be a mixture of racial groupings that include native Indians, white Europeans, black Africans.

The central foundation of economical activity in Colonial Latina America was Indian labor. Wars, disease and the acquisition of status triggered the mixing of races. After the civil war in Mexico the ratio of guys to ladies was higher which resulted in race combining. The Mestizos were a variety of Spanish (Spain) and Indians. Local families/Spanish seeking to go up the socioeconomic ladder will often inter-marry to be a portion of the elite status. As the Spaniards and Europeans found its way to the New Globe they also created a race of people called peninsulares (those that recently arrived from Spain) and Creoles (European ancestry but delivered in Fresh World). There was some intermingling of the distinct racial teams but very rarely were there virtually any interracial relationships between whites and Indians. Whites may possibly marry mestizos and mestizos might marry Indians.

With this inflow of population to the New World diseases such as small pox and autorevolezza infiltrated and affected the indigenous population. The need for further laborers to fill the void due to disease converted the limelight on the Servant Trade. The brand new World started out importing Africans as slaves to fill up the labor void. With the help of African slaves the ethnicity groupings diversified even more to incorporate free blacks and mulattoes. This theme of racial mixing up was the common throughout Latin America apart from Brazil. Brazil had little indigenous inhabitants, mainly semi-nomadic or cannibalistic. This intended there needed to be more...


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