Name: Doeurn Phalin

Educator that I like

I Pre-writing

-- Friendly -- short -- Pay attendant with students - Kind - Attractive - Experienced - Good solving the problem - Funny - Great explaining - Good fashion - Put into practice - Excessive education -- entire The teacher i like is definitely teacher Add Sarom. I am just a student in Kids international school. In there I have a teacher. Call him by his name is teacher Don Sarom. He is the tutor that I just like very much. He is very attractive but he could be shorter than me and fatter than me. He is very friendly and funny also. If he is explaining he has a fun that make we want to study with him. He constantly pay attendant with all the pupil in the class. When incorporate some students that don't understand he will explain these people again and again till they appreciate clearly. So when he explains, all the pupils are attempted to listen to him altogether. He can very kind also. After i have some trouble that I don't know how to do I always contact to ask him and this individual always show me all the time though hi is usually studying or perhaps busying as well. He has enough implement to teach. When have some issue that happen in the institution or inside the class this individual always discover the good fixing. And dr. murphy is the good manner person likewise. When he addresses is help to make all the pupil listen to him and always believe what that he speak because he is known as a high education person. I am just very like him he is always supporting me every time which i have difficulty or likewise the entire college student in the class. I will keep in mind all the things that he has been doing to me. If the entire teacher is as same as him I do believe all the pupils are very thrilled to study.


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