Cultural Identity and Cultural Compression

Many people consider America of America as a area of opportunity. Immigrants flock to this region in search of a new beginning for themselves and the families. Departing their homeland and much of their culture behind, the majority of foreign nationals come to America in hopes of a better life. However , migration as well as the need to truly feel welcome in a new nation leave no choice for immigrants except to assimilate. Really difficult to preserve your traditions when facing the demands of acceptance in a fresh land. A few argue that being a second-generation zuzugler, preserving your ethnic personality through the span of cultural compression is nearly not possible. It's perplexing, however , since nativism within just contemporary migrants is considered to be currently slight by historical standards. In person, I believe that the loss of cultural integrity is because of the sensationalized glorification of western traditions.

Amy Shelter, my co-worker and good friend, immigrated to the United States at the age of some. Born in Shanghai, Amy has little to no memory of living in China and tiawan. Her father moved to the usa when your woman was first created in order to further more his post-secondary education. After her daddy acquiring his degree in engineering, Amy and her mother joined up with him in Ohio. Amy, who is at this point 25 years older, has occupied the United States for what she looks at her entire life. Despite her heritage getting ethnically, racially, and religiously different than mainstream America, it's hardly identifiable in Amy. As a second-generation immigrant, Amy has endured very little of her local culture. Despite having visited China many times in her youth, Amy has no prepare of getting back to her homeland permanently while an adult.

Growing up in the usa, Amy was enrolled in university just like everyone else. It was not very long ahead of Amy was speaking English language better than her parents. Along with American schooling, Amy's father and mother...


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