Organizational actions

Consider as easy examples the next E-Business applications that might be performed in an organizational context.   Many of these happen to be what we regularly refer to since intranet type functions:         recruiting of new employees

        marketing, advertising and advertising         customer support and education

        meetings and information source sharing amongst employees         training of employees

        intelligence gathering for strategic and trickery planning         distributed inventory control functions

        payroll and rewards management

It is relatively easy to envision how some of these areas, if appropriate into a particular business intent, may possibly benefit from business presentation in an digital form.   They will all have an impact for the ability of a company to complete E-Commerce, nevertheless non-e of these involves the direct shopping for and/or offering of supplies. Business to Business Business

While the earlier section features addressed the interior functioning of the organization using the information facilities, this section addresses basic materials control intended for the organization—the interface towards the rest of the corporate world.   We exclude from this process just those actions that correspond with final disposition of products to end users.   The functions we focus on below include         Purchasing

        Inventory Control

        Shipping

        Sales

        Marketing

        Customer Service

Business to Buyer Commerce

Business to customer commerce has received a lot of attention lately.   Generally speaking, this is most often thought of as building a new channel to deliver items directly to consumers.   Amazon, Craigs list, E-trade have all been mentioned in this context.   Unlike the prior two classes, which may be created using neighborhood or amazing networks, buyer oriented systems are most often created to leverage the penetration of the internet as well as its killer process,...


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