Module Two Wellness Plan

Complete all wood logs and answer the expression questions completely with assisting details. Section 1: Desired goals

Include your goals for each part of wellness before completing the reflection query. 1 . Physical

2 . Cultural

3. Emotional

4. Academics

Goal Representation Question:

Describe the progress you decide to make toward every of your goals, and include virtually any setbacks or perhaps struggles you are having.

Section 2: Health Assessments

Include the Baseline, Module One, and Module Two results below. Activity

Lessons 1 . goal

Baseline Effects

Module 1

Wellness Plan Results

Component 2

Health and fitness Plan Benefits

Module 3

Wellness Strategy Results

Mile Run/Walk

Physique Mass Index

Cardio exercise Capacity



Trunk area Lift

Sit down and Reach

Fitness Assessment Reflection Questions:

Explain the effects of exercises on your own health-related components of fitness seeing that beginning this program.

Section several: Flexibility Workout Log

Conduct and record stretching exercises for a lot of eight muscle tissues listed below for least 3 days each week, but you may well stretch every single day. You may put muscle groups and exercises which you have chosen into your regimen.

Date #1


Day #2


Date #3


Flexibility Exercises

Muscle Stretched

# of Practice


# of Repetitions


# of Repetitions


Lying Quad Stretch


Modified Hurdler's Stretch


Upper Back & Torso Stretch


Leg Stretch


Lower Back Extend

Latisimus Dorsi

Chest/Bicep Extend


Shoulder/Tricep Stretch


Lying Belly Stretch


Flexibility Reflection Inquiries:

Did the stretches become easier each time that you performed them? Did you notice any effect on your muscles during physical activities accomplished after extending?

Section 4: Buff Strength and Endurance Journal

Date #1:


Day #2:


Particular date #3:


Physical exercise

Muscle Worked

# of sets

# of repetitions


# of models

# of reps

Level of resistance

# of sets

# of repetitions





Latisimus Dorsi







Complete buff exercises in three non-consecutive days. Do not work similar muscle groups more often than once within a 48-hour period.

Muscular Durability and Stamina Reflection Issue:

Based on the workout, what muscles do you think are the strongest and which usually muscles need the most work? Clarify your answer.

Section 5: Work out Log

Consist of all modest and energetic physical activity inside the table listed below. Keep adding rows to demonstrate all of your activities. Date


Physical exercise

Activity minutes without Get ready

Physical Activity Expression Questions:

Describe how using training rules in your exercises impacts the skill-related exercise?

Describe a task you finished and identify at least one element of skill-related fitness that is important to being successful inside the activity.

Section 6: Fitness Tracker Data

Component 1

Wellbeing Plan Benefits

Module 2

Wellness Plan Results

Component 3

Well being Plan Results

Average Daily Moves This Week

% Toward My Aim This Week

Total Moves Soon

Use the formulas to compute your moves and complete the chart over. Average daily moves immediately = Amount of physical exercise minutes for the last 7 days back button 26. 19 Percent toward my aim this week sama dengan Total average daily moves ÷ by simply 12, 500 Total moves this week = Total...


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