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To be able to show results obtained applying PS4CS, building results attained using procedure simulation intended for Scenarios 1 and a few are shown. Scenario one particular investigates ability of the Scharffen Berger Delicious chocolate maker to satisfy customer demand without redecorating the making process (referred to because the As-Is situation). Consequently , the main process performance procedures process throughput, flow time and inventory size are established for different levels of customer demand. The customer demand levels considered are 330, 000 kg/years, 500, 000 kg/years and 750, 1000 kg/years. Scenario 3 investigates ability in the Scharffen Bergerot chocolate manufacturer to meet buyer demand after installing extra equipment in the bottleneck activity and balancing the production procedure (a ball mill is usually installed to minimize time of conching, which was the bottleneck in Scenario 1). Scenario 3 is referred to as the To-Be circumstance. Figure your five compares a chance to meet the growing customer demand for Scenarios one particular and several. It can be observed that the manufacturing process is definitely not capable of creating more than 500, 000 kg/year and surplus demand may not be met regarding As-Is situation. The movement time boosts exponentially mainly because manufacturing purchases are produced with regard to the increasing require and the method gets back logged with semi-processed chocolate. In the case of To-Be scenario, the process is able to cope with the increasing demand. A slight increase in flow time can be noticed suggesting that queuing begins to occur in high numbers of demand and additional demand boosts could be hard to accommodate. PS4CS has been used to identify and check further more necessary method improvements. The obtained benefits show that throughput may be increased approximately 1, two hundred fifity, 000 kg/year by adding fresh equipment, elevating number of adjustments and the proportion of outsourcing techniques


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