What is the central lesson we learn from Chanda's Secrets? Regular people can be heroes.

As the English Copy writer Samuel Johnson Says " The heroes of literary history have been no less impressive for what they may have suffered than for what they have achieved”. This novel is important because it is a perfect example that shows us that anyone can be a main character. This is why everyone can be a hero's.

The 1st reason Chanda is a main character is because she's brave. Through the novel, Chanda shows this bravery in lots of different ways. For example , Chanda found out mama acquired aids and brought mother back to Banang even though her family would be a disgrace and shamed due to it. This kind of shows us that Chanda is fearless because your woman argued with Mrs. Tafa and her grandma until they told her where mom was she wasn't embarrassed to bring mama back home, despite the fact that everyone thought she would end up being. Another sort of bravery is viewed when Chanda goes to the clinic and hints that she has aids. This is important since No one ever before talks about helps. She is brave and see's what she can do if the girl does have this. Aids is actually a scary point and the fact she seeking a out and deal with this shows that she actually is brave. Therefore , Chanda facing the truth about mama and assists, shows her bravery, making her a hero.

The second reason Chanda can be described as hero because she is courageous. Chanda takes on family and friends the moment she feels it's beneficial. For example Chanda stands up to Mrs. Tafa once she says Esther has to keep. Chanda as well stands up to her Grandmother in Tiro when ever she Explains to Chanda to leave. This shows us that Chanda and Esther's Friendship means a lot to her. Also Chanda is sick and tired of hearing everyone say Esther is a slut. Another model is Chanda also takes on her grandma in chutazo when she tells Chanda to leave, Chanda wants to know wherever mama is usually and the lady wasn't leaving until that they told her wherever her the female was. This is very important because this displays us that it doesn't matter who you are...


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