" Effects of Facebook to the Educational Performance of 1D2 registrants of USeP-Tagum”

By simply:

April Abo-abo

Connie M. Dela Tinaja

Jaypee M. De Sentira

Edgar 3rd there’s r. FormenteraJr.

Jaycel Mae L. Gegremosa

Sharmaine B. Gudes

Kimberly Anne Iyog

Vanisa L. Jiaco

Mary Style Maglasang

Jiemarie A. Makinano

Jessa Mae Maynopas

Mitzi Marian N. Tuquib

Section 1

Background of the Analyze

Social networking websites, the so called SNS, are the on the web services for those who want cultural relations to other people around world. Social support systems have been widespread by college students nowadays and Facebook is considered the most commonly used social network. Research simply by Power (2009) andRouis (2011)presented that about using Facebook, there are great and unwanted effects on the educational performance with the students whom are using that.

Lusk (2010) mentioned that the positive aspect of social networks (such as Facebook) is the fact youth can easily utilize these people for academic performance and support. Learners can also develop their on-line communication abilities and expertise through social networking as Brydolf (2007) says, " Pupils who could possibly be reluctant to speak up in course are taking part in book debate blogs and writing intended for real people. There are new Web tools emerging constantly that are improving learning”. Upon contrary, research on Kansas State University or college and TheOpenUniversity of Netherlands (Kirschner, & Karpinski, 2009)reveals that for the relationship between social media and grades, scholars who employ Facebook dedicate less time upon studying and have lower degrees than pupils who usually do not use well-known networking sites (such since facebook). According also to Dela Peña (2012), Facebook addiction adds negative impact on Filipino students.

Using Facebook . com has now become a trend to students. With the contradicting assertions presented by simply late research about the consequence of Facebook to the academic functionality of the students, the researchers will conduct this analyze to know in the event that what are truly the effects of Facebook to the educational performance from the students in 1D2 in USePTagum

Declaration of the Trouble

The researchers are seeking to resolve the following questions about the effects of Facebook for the academic performance of students in section 1D2 by USeP-Tagum. The particular questions will be: 1 . What is the level of using Facebook based on:

1 . one particular Study patterns

1 . 2 Homework

2 . Does using Facebook have an effect on to the academics performance of the students?


Null Speculation:

1 . Facebook . com does not impact the academic performance of the pupils.

Conceptual Model

Figure you


Conceptual Framework

This kind of study is composed of two parameters, the self-employed and self-employed variable. Facebook . com is the 3rd party variable with an signal of analyze habits and homework, and Academic Functionality as the dependent varying with signal of levels in Mathematics. Theoretical Framework

In this research, uses and gratification theory (Blumler& Katz, 1974) utilized to check how the students use social networking sites, just like Facebook, to fulfill specific satisfaction such as to look for information, to pursue self-expression, to seek out entertainment, and to match friends. Beneath this theory is the cognitive needs category (Blumler& Katz, 1974). Intellectual needs conceptualize that people work with media for acquiring knowledge. It truly is supported by Oskouei (2010) that social media is definitely advantageous to college students if utilized as a application of knowledge creation and dissemination.

This study can be also anchored towards the Flow Theory. Borrowed by psychology, movement theory assess human-computer relationships and addresses people's utilization of the internet. Circulation, as identified by Csikszentmihalyi (1997), is definitely the ‘holistic sensation that people experience when they action with total involvement. ' It implies absorption in a task, in a way that the person is very attracted by artifact as well as the task getting performed. Websites, e-mail...



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