Article: Amainar Guarin: " The first Filipino Global Runner””

Will you gamble the own wellbeing for the sake of other folks?

Cesar Guarin, a 56-year-old entrepreneur and the first Filipino, first Cookware and fourth person in history to run around the globe proved that with a good determination and with a purpose to help, anyone can bring their particular dream into reality. Guarin is known as the " Daddy of the Thailand Ultramarathon”. He joined Global Run which usually considered as one-of-a-kind marathon plus the toughest manage ever that began 1983 and will end in 2016. He already done the 1st four thighs of his Global Work wherein he run 10, 583 kms from 1983 to 2009. After his last operate in US-Canada (2009), he may again endeavor in another run, 2, 053 kms. in the Australia marathon, the 5th leg of his Global Run. Following the completion of the Down under leg, he will run across- Middle East (2012), England-Norway (2012), Finlan-Moscow (2013), Egypt-Israel-Jordan (2013), Japan-Korea (2014), India-Myanmar (2014) and Thailan-Singapore (2014) to total the workshop. Despite of different hindrances just like injuries, Guarin continuously operate and this time it's for any mission. Using the a pay for raising assignments called " Batang Pangarap” and " Global Work, Alay social fear Pilipino” to assist poverty pain relief in the Philippines, to reduce the amount of children on the street by stimulating them to venture into sports activities, to campaign the travel and leisure of the Philippines and to present his gratitude to the Filipino community in foreign countries for assisting the country (Philippines). Guarin since an Ultramarathoner showed to the world that Filipino is actually a one-of-a-kind contest.


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