Impressive drink in Hong Kong Summertime!?

Beverage is one of the ideal tourist magnets, whether persons like or perhaps not. In Hong Kong using a bit of hot days, drinking cold drink is the way to prevent by sunstroke. At this point, let's head to Prince Edward to find out essentially the most well known drink in Hong Kong. A shopkeeper was mixing crimson tea with milk busily, and the various other shopkeeper was adding black glutinous grain ball and ice towards the drink. After a few minutes, mugs of chilly bubble dairy tea had been served to the customs that have been waiting outdoors. And this field is always happening beside Knight in shining armor Edward MTR B stop, there are two bubble milk tea outlets. One is the international biggest Bubble Dairy Tea Shop " Come Buy”; and the other is one called " Very little Giant Eggs”. Frequently, many individuals stand in the front of the little shop with patience to wait for the beverages. On the other hand, Come Buy offers only handful of customs. Stayed at there for quite a while to count the revenue volume of both shops. Unimaginably, the little shop sold a lot better than the large one. We need to identify the truth…… " The bubble milk tea is known as a traditional drink that comes from Taiwan. I think it really is different from the other beverages because there are a few glutinous grain - like balls in it you can drink the thick, very soft and cool milk tea at a single side, also you can enjoy chewing the gluey and gross balls similar to the gum simultaneously that makes all of us feel to become satisfied beneath the nice smell tickles the end of our a nous. ” said Mr. Tegul, the owner of " Little Huge Eggs”. " Our shop also found in a highly popular area, excellent lot of commercial centers and secondary educational institutions. We have plenty of customs to deal with every day. ”said Mr. Strophe. " But however , the rent of the shop is very expensive that we are hard to operate. We are trying to develop some idea to balance of cash flow and expenditure. ” " Our award can be economical possibly. It is not necessarily quite special but of course it can't be also cheap mainly because our...


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