Brazos Partners


•Bowers and Clayton – they apparently have constructed a strong business, and are not really selling mainly because they think there is something wrong while using business or it has lead out. I think that because Bowers is usually staying to handle marketing and sales, the transition must be relatively smooth •Brazos Partners – these three guys bring a distinctive set of abilities to the table. The private equity encounter from Fronterhouse and McGee seems fairly standard with running a finance like this. I do think that the skill set of Fojtasek gives the Brazos partners a competitive advantage because of his specific experience with LBO's that competitors perfectly might have. •One concern I use for the Brazos Companions is the fact that they can be feeling pressure to finish an offer. This is under no circumstances an ideal thing, because it can result in poor offers being attacked. They need to be sure this is an offer they would follow if they had no pressure. Opportunity:

•Though the LBO market is not as flooded and profitable as it was inside the 80's, I believe the right group can still generate a good returning. This group clearly is without problem bringing up capital, so I think that a fall in the results and popularity of LBO's could prove to be a positive pertaining to the team as they will have much less competition. •Because Comark markets primarily for the government and academic institutions, the risk of recession or perhaps downturn is definitely low, although I think also this is a negative to get potential growth (long term). •Comark is usually clearly working at full capacity, and i also believe that a shot of capital will provide sustainable growth pertaining to the business. I believe the business ought to continue its focus on selling to the government, but as soon because the company reaches a place where there is nonproductive capacity, continue to turn its marketing focus more toward the personal sector. •I think the very fact that Comark both makes and sells directly to the consumer is a competitive advantage mainly because they can undersell the competition....


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