College of Information Technology & Architectural


Proponents: Gonzales, Maricar

Lee, Kimberly Bea A.

Suguitan, Constante III

Section: IT4A

Suggested Title: Barangay Management System to get Brgy. Antipolo del Norte


1 . The process of monitoring records of daily, weekly and month to month records turn into less efficient and less accurate because in a manual program the data may be misplaced or perhaps lost. installment payments on your Having a manual record management requires a wide range of storage space and filing products in the office since hard copies of the documents are held. 3. The process of writing the record by hand in a piece of paper, keeping, and finding the information of the buyer are time-consuming causing slow retrieval details and ventures.


1 . To make a computerized record management to easily get the records so that it is accurate, complete, accessible, and usable. installment payments on your To reduce functioning costs which include office space, tools and staff to maintain an organized filing system. several. To minimize time in writing the record, to eliminate the use of daily news and to improve efficiency and productivity of the employee.


The scope with this system is to supply user successful working environment and generates even more output. This method provides friendly user interface leading to knowing every single usability top features of the system. That prepares and prints barangay permits and certifications (e. g. Community Tax License, Barangay Measurement, etc . ) It also operations fee such as barangay distance fees and more. It also allows easy looking of information. This system also allows for various other barangay related functions since those which includes security just like incident confirming, blotter, and other related companies. It also provides that it maintains an updated record of residents simple identification,...


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