Art is usually something that really allows people to use all their imaginations to the full extent. While at the City Museum of Art, there is so much to explore, where every single piece acquired it's individual background and history. I seemed through a few of the assigned items and nothing really jumped out at myself. However , there was two works of art that I experienced had an quick connection with one another. The first one was " The Rape of Tamar”, that was painted by Eustache Le Sueur. The 2nd was " The Abduction of the Sabine Woman”, colored by Nicolas Poussin. That did not take long for me to realize why these two works of art were very similar, where the subject matter of both equally ran like female abuse.

Eustache Votre Sueur was obviously a French artist who were living from 1616 until his death in 1655. This individual painted " The Rasurado of Tamar” in approximately 1640, if he was simply 24 years of age. The supplies used for the painting were oil on canvas, and the dimensions were 74. 5in x 63. 5in. This kind of piece was purchased simply by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrightsman Surprise in 1984 (the museum label, Le Sueur). Votre Sueur colored this within a time of large influence coming from his instructor, Simon Vouet. The story behind this work shows a woman by the name of Tamar being raped by her brother, Amnon. Amnon faked an illness and requested that his sis attended him. When they were alone, he proceeded to rape her (the museum label, Votre Sueur). We have a female stalwart in the background who seems stunned, and looks like she is running low on the room. The cup in Amnon's left and the urn of normal water lying on the floor show that there was a solid possibility that the meal was prepared. It will help show that Amnon was sick and there was a meal prepared especially for him (the museum labeled, Le Sueur). Tamar is wearing a gold garment, using a blue shall wrapped about her. Colour blue indicates that it is a possibility that Tamar is still a virgin mobile. Along with this, she's being crowded out by Amnon, and possesses a powerful sense of...


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