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Flannery O'Connor´s book A Good Man Is not easy To Find, is composed of several brief stories, among which requires the tittle of the book. In this tale the author, with the characters, the Grandmother, the protagonist, and the Misfit, the antagonist, exposes some ideas, by way of a behavior, also some symbols and a few biblical tips. In the history the author cope with the idea of " good” in several ways planning to show that only, because of becoming a " very good man” doesn't mean to become " moral” person. She represents most of these ideas by the character in the grandmother, who had, with the Misfit, a big position in the history becoming the two of them the major heroes of the account. The grandma represents a female that feels she is morally higher, the lady never considers she could be wrong won't seeing her hypocrisy and selfishness, before the point that she lies to her family about the place of a place, or laying to a kids about a -panel. For the grandmother somebody who is a " good man” is that one which has the same thoughts as her, by way of example for the grandmother the Misfit a " very good man” mainly because she thinks that person couldn't take a lady. The role with the lady is very important because it appears since the beginning the end with the story, merely in the first pages from the story when the author displays what the grandma wears for the trip: " …, but the grandmother had on the navy blue straw sailor head wear with bunch of white violets on the brim and a navy blue dress with a little white department of transportation in the produce. Her training collars and cuffs were white colored organdy trimmed with lace and at her neckline she had pinned a purple spray of cloth violets that contain a sachet. In case of an accident, anyone viewing her deceased on the highway knows at one that she was obviously a lady. ” This last part of this fragment from the story presents really well the thoughts with the grandmother. The fact of the granny dressing to become identified if they have a major accident...


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