sixth Grade Social Studies- Final Study Questions

Unit 1- Chapters 1-2

1 . Archaeologist have to carefully uncover data, or hints from the past, also they try and get artifacts. They study the remains of past cultures.

2 . The Stone Age was a time exactly where people relied mostly about tools made out of stone. Communities started to develop during that time. 3. Domesticate means to tame wild animals. Keen kingship implies that the right to secret was goodness given. The Sumerians assumed kings had been chosen by the gods.

5. Successful farming in southern Mesopotamia was due to irrigation because it helped people to control how much then when they moist their plants.

5. Assyrians placed larger value on defeating different groups (war & conquest). They were great, merciless a warrior. Babylonians, on the other hand, placed higher value on advancements in mathematics and science.

six. The Temple of Jerusalem was build to house the Torah.

six. The Phoenicians invented a system of writing with only 22 personas.

Unit 2- Chapters 3, 4, and 5

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The Nile River is very important because the Nile had a lengthy strip of irrigated land on both sides of the it. That helped persons irrigate cultivated fields for plants. the vegetation helped the people eat and survive.

on the lookout for. Egypt and Nubia are related because Nubia offers granite mountain. The granite rock was wanted by simply Egyptians to develop temples for there gods. В


10. The Huang Lake is important because it cuts through the North China and tiawan Plain. The North China Plain is definitely where the settlement and lifestyle of China and tiawan was followed to.

14. Levees or perhaps dikes wall membrane in the Huang River within its water banks. 12. The Great Wall of Cina was made to protect China and tiawan from nearby invaders.

13. Daoism- is the belief of finding the " way” and also the dao of the Universe. Daoism had almost as much effect on China and tiawan as Confucianism. Confucianism- the virtues-a sense of humanity, respect to get the friends and family, and modesty- are at the core of Confucianism. Confucianism teaches the middle way, which in turn...


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